At Straw Brothers we focus on simple, clever design, the use of sustainable materials & quality construction. We believe the garden is a living, growing extension of the home. We’re excited by new materials, inspired by unique plants and love the challenge of difficult spaces. We design creative outdoor spaces to reflect your lifestyle, change with the seasons and stand the test of time.

Our focus in on simplicity, functionality and maximum environmental benefit.


Dylan Straw


Bachelor of Design (Industrial Design)

With over 8 years experience in the industry, Dylan brings a keen eye for detail and a passion for new and emerging trends to Straw Brothers. He believes that a landscape should create a sense of calm and belonging.

‘In a time where the natural world often seems to be shrinking, it is more important than ever to surround yourself with greenery.’


Riley Straw


Registered Builder (DB-L Landscaping)

Riley’s knowledge and appetite for all things plant related is every growing. He is a garden lover with and has a passion for experimenting with colour, texture and the ever changing nature of plants. Riley is driven by new and exciting ideas & brings a unique set of skills to Straw Brothers. Being a registered builder allows Straw Brothers to bring any landscape project to life.

‘ sometimes I garden, it’s real good’